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„DR75“ is a project that I have been passionately pursuing since 2023, in which I self-publish books by American death row inmates who cannot find an established publisher because there is hardly any money to be made with this subject matter. I have always been an opponent of the death penalty, but for a few years now I have also been „affected“ by this cruelty myself. In 2018 I met Tony Ford, a man on death row, who I can now call my brother, and who I will probably lose to this death row punishment at some point. This project is extremely personal and contains a lot of love.

In the years that followed, other friendships with death row inmates developed and I quickly realized how much potential and growth would be lost if no one gave these men a voice. A person doesn’t stop learning and growing just because you put them in a concrete cell for decades with no windows barely bigger than a closet. They only stop learning when their faith and beliefs are no longer challenged. I am challenged by every single one of these books and I hope that I can pass this challenge on to the readers.

With this project, I want to bring people back into society who we must not forget. With one misjudgment, we ourselves could stand in their place and who among us would not want to be heard then? There is only one firm rule for me as a publisher, I do not support extremism such as racism, homophobia or the like. I read and publish everything else, even if it contradicts my own beliefs because I am far from finished learning either which way! I WANT to be challenged!

All participants and supporters of this project work on a voluntary basis and out of their own deep conviction. The authors are not allowed to and do not want to earn money with their books. The editors are volunteers who do their best to understand the nuances of language and the intention of the writers. I don’t put the money in my own pocket either; every cent is put back into the project. DR75 is not about money, but about treating men and women with dignity who are no longer a danger to society. Whether they are guilty or not doesn’t matter. The public is protected from them, so anything that is done to them afterwards is, in my opinion, no longer a protection of society, but just revenge; one of the lowest human instincts! And I am convinced that we humans are better than that…

The books can be found here (or in your local bookshop):